Now that recreational marijuana is legal for adults in Oregon, you’re probably hearing a lot of opinions about pot, too.  With all the different messages coming at you…

What impact does marijuana have on your life?

The Oregon Health Authority wants to interview high school students about the impact that marijuana has on them and on high school life in general. Questions like:

  • How does marijuana affect your life?
  • What are the reasons you don't use marijuana?
  • What are your goals for life? While in school and after high school, and how would mairjuana affect those?

Will you tell your story to teens across oregon?

  • Recordings of your voice may be used in an upcoming advertisement for the Stay True to You campaign, on the campaign website, or in social media.

  • You can give your name, or you can remain anonymous.

  • We're only recording audio interviews at this time, but may ask if you're interested in recording a video interview in the future.


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